Tracy Niedermeyer

"AGSoundtrax is wonderful. Adi created / composed / and mixed an exciting piece of music for our 6 minute corporate video. This is the first time I've worked with him in this way, usually I purchase stock music from his collection or other artists - but this is way better. Less time consuming for me and precision syncing with our video edits make the final piece more impactful and ur clients happier with our work! Adi is the best composer I've come across. I'm sure his new library of inspiring artists are equally as fabulous. I trust Adi completely."

Maxime Photo and Video


Keith Knerr

So being an IT guy by trade, and the Social Media Content Developer for Your Special Tea, which we just launched, I'm putting together some infomercials for Social Media with YST. I'm so happy to have met Adi. His attention to detail and professional sounding compositions is exactly what I was looking for. Being a musician myself, I understand having a polished sound track with the video. Oh, I should mention the great support that I continue to receive from Adi and AGSoundtrax. Thank you Adi, for your continued friendship, you're a true professional... Keith

Social Media Content Developer

Miguel Gaudencio

Working with Adi Goldstein on “Tattoo Girls” was a smooth and fulfilling experience. I had never met, till Adi, a composer which was so open, accessible, and nurturing over a project. At any time of the day or night, Adi was there, like a caring nurse, giving his best, which is his time and talent. I can’t thank him enough for all of his availability, heart, and soul that he gave to this film and definitely, Adi will be my first choice for any upcoming project that ventures on my way.

Film Director


"I've been in the music for media business for nearly 20 years. Adi Goldstein is without question, one of the most talented, capable and professional composers, I've ever worked with. Just a simple listen to his vibrant, evocative music is a testimony to his great skills and musical depth. All of my colleagues at Fliktrax share in the honor of working with Adi in both our music library and custom music team. I would put my name on the line every day and twice on Sunday to recommend Adi Goldstein! A brilliant composer/producer/musician and wonderful human being!" 

CEO, Fliktrax



"Working with AGsoundtrax has been an A+++ experience on every level from the super high quality of the products to customer service. In addition to purchasing existing tracks, I have commissioned new ones that are magnificent and perfectly matched to my specifications. Because my work reaches large and savvy audiences, I am very discerning when it comes to audio for my projects and I have never been so satisfied working with a composer. I will continue to work with AG who is hugely talented, passionate about the work and responsive in a way that has inspired me to be a better, kinder colleague. In fact, I am so happy with our work together, I regularly promote AG to my clients and audiences. Thank you again AG!!"

Global stress management speaker


"My partners and I recently completed a film entitled Before the Fall. Several of Adi's compositions were perfect for the trailer so I contacted Adi about scoring the entire film. Adi was a complete professional throughout the entire process and the score is simply amazing. Adi's music took our film to a new level. We were able to physically edit the film in the United States with Adi completing the score in Israel with absolutely no problem. I whole-heartily recommend Adi. Working with him on the film was one of the easiest and most satisfying aspects of the project."

Producer | Director | Actor