YouTube usages: To quickly clear any potential ‘Third Party Content’ claims using my music, please visit this page using your video links, copy/paste in the contents of your License Certificate and state that you ‘have licensed music by AGsoundtrax.’ Claims are cleared within 24 to 96 hours.

How To Dispute (Another Metode)

Why Its Happening?

In an attempt to protect my intellectual property from improper and disallowed use, my work is registered with a company that scans uploaded Youtube content and flags it where it deems my work has been used improperly.

This is not a perfect system and your legitimate use of my work may be flagged. Don’t worry, you can dispute a claim per the instructions on this page. Providing you are using my work within your allowed use, you will not receive a strike against your account.

The attempt of the company is not to stop people from utilising my music online; far from it as I encourage the free use of my work. Instead they are there to ensure that those who are using my music are doing so within the realms of what is allowed.

This means that those uploading commercial content or monetising videos without a license will be forced to have advertising on their videos or have the video removed.

A lot of content can be flagged due to users not complying with the full Creative Commons license.


1) Go to the video manager page
2) Click the “matched third party content” blue hyperlink next to the video you wish to dispute a claim on
3) Click “Dispute”
4) Scroll down and select the 5th click option “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” and Click “Continue”.
5) Click “I am sure that I have a license or written permission, and I want to dispute this claim” and click “Continue”
5) In the “Please explain briefly section” type “I have obtained a license for online use from Adi Goldstein”.
6) Click the “I have a good faith belief…” box and enter your name
7) Click continue
8) Click “Submit Dispute” on the following page, and confirm the dispute by clicking “OK” on the pop up window.
9) Confirmation page will launch

This should lead to a resolve within 1 working day.

More information on Content ID from Youtube