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Featuring Dan Phillipson

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As a youngster, Dan always enjoyed music. His journey started out with the recorder but quickly moved on to the piano and flute and once into his early teens Dan taught himself the guitar. Equally important was Dan's interest in keyboards and recording technology, so his mid to late teens were spent sequencing on a Korg Triton as well as recording 'The Band'. 
Dan has been a professional composer for getting on for ten years now. After graduating university, Dan began to work with various publishers and music libraries all over the world, as well as creating bespoke music for numerous commercials, shorts, documentaries and more. 

More about dan:

SoundCloud // Twitter // iTunes 


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Featuring Richard Smithson

Richard Smithson is a composer and sound designer currently based in Lancaster in the North West of England with a deep varied past in music. At the age of 7 he began playing the guitar, curiously experimenting with sounds to create atmosphere. This innate interest has led Richard on a path of discovery, learning multiple instruments on the way (guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals), delving deep into music production, experimenting within sonic art under the alias Delusi, composing and sound designing for theatre with award winning directors and working with world class music libraries that provide music for media. Richard is still learning, still exploring, still striving.

Check out also Richard Smithson's music at :
BandCamp | Facebook | Twitter

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Featuring The Maestro Eyal Heller

We are so happy to feature the greatest and the phenomenal guitarist player
Eyal Heller!

Eyal started playing guitar at the age of 8. He studied classical guitar until the age of 15 and then switched to electric guitar. After that I joined the military band as a guitarist at the age of 18 and served for 3 years.

Since then he have been working in the field of music for 13 years. Over the years he have played with many artists such as: David Broza, Rami Kleinstein, Keren Peles, Miri Mesika, Avishai Cohen, Sherry, Uzi Fux, Gabi Shoshan, And more.

Eyal Plays : Flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bouzouki.

Check out Eyal Heler YouTube Channel